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Optimizing for Voice Search

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Voice search is a big trend today. It has significantly crossed the threshold of early adopters. This is because it’s more convenient for users to speak with an assistant than to type. And the results of voice queries are faster.

Let’s look at the recent statistics. Over 41% of adults and 55% of teens use voice search daily. Nearly 20% of all Google mobile searches are voice queries. Also, voice search has grown 35 times since 2008.

The statistics show that voice search isn’t “the next big thing.” It’s already here. So, when and where are these users using voice search?

They use it on the go, with friends, family, and even in the bathroom. With the increasing use of digital assistants, optimizing for voice search is crucial to SEO success. In this report, we’ll look at how to optimize your website and content for this search trend.

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