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Organic Beauty

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Organic products are derived from wholly natural ingredients and have gone through minimal changes before reaching your face.

 In this book, you’ll learn more about what it means to chase after “organic beauty” and how it can change the way you think about your appearance and your grooming.

Some of the benefits of organic cosmetics:

  • They are kinder to the environment.
  • They are MUCH cheaper (free if you make your own a lot of the time!)
  • It’s a lot of fun
  • They are unique – how about being the ONLY person with that lipstick color or that perfume!
  • They improve other aspects of your health too.
  • They make great gifts.
  • They help you look better than ever – and to reveal the astonishing beauty you ALWAYS had

Here’s what you’ll discover with this guide:

  • How to spot harmful ingredients on labels
  • How to create an organic, effective skin-care regime
  • How to make organic toothpaste
  • How to make organic hair products
  • How to make your own makeup
  • How to enhance your health with natural solutions
  • How to make your own soap
  • How to make your own sunblock
  • How to create an organic face mask
  • And much more!

This product includes done-for-you material and Private Label Rights!