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Pregnancy Principles

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The first step of your pregnancy, after seeing the little positive stick should to have it confirmed.

Call immediately to have a pregnancy test done with your local doctor, you may be in luck and get in that same day or have to wait about a week or two. Patience will become your best friend during this time or your worst enemy, waiting can become a very hard thing when you want to know for sure whether you are or aren't pregnant. More than likely you'll get a phone call a few days later to confirm it.

In this guide, you will learn: 

  • Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy and Food Cravings
  • About Unplanned Pregnancies
  • What is Ovulation?
  • How to Overcome the Pain of a failed pregnancy?
  • Make Your Pregnancy a Healthy One
  • Tips to Weight Loss After Pregnancy
  • Noting the Early Signs of Pregnancy

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