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Better Habits: A 52-Week Guide to Building Better Habits in All Aspects of Your Life

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Before you can start changing your life and putting new habits into place, you
need to make sure you really understand why habits are important for
everyday life. Without knowing their importance, you will never be committed
to making new habits.

Building new habits can be overwhelming at first but have a huge payoff. When you make better habits for yourself, you choose to improve your life the best that you can. Our 52-week guide will help you build better habits in every aspect of your life. Just a few simple changes can alter your life for the better.

You will learn: 

  • Understand the importance of habits
  • Understanding what makes habits stick
  • Planning: Observing your current habits and making goals to build good habits
  • Personal Habits: Creating Routine
  • Physical Health: Create a habit of being physically healthy
  • Mental Health: Evaluate, maintain and work on your mental health
  • Work Habits: Optimising efficiency and boundaries
  • Relationships: Healthy habits with your closest loved ones
  • Hobbies: Do things that make the most of your life
  • Putting it together: Make sure your plans don't fall through
  • Looking to the future

This product includes: 

  • Private Label Rights
  • Ebook
  • Checklist
  • Resource Cheat Sheet
  • Mindmap
  • Sales Page
  • Optin Page
  • Graphics
  • Email Swipes
  • Social Media Images
  • BONUS Upgrade Package:
    • Videos
    • Upsell Page
    • 7 Day Autoresponder Series
    • Instagram mCarousels
    • Affiliates Toolbox Page
    • Social Media Swipe Kit
    • Motivational Quotes
    • Keywords
    • Presentation
    • Feature Images
    • Presentation Slides
    • Video Transcripts
    • Audio Files
    • Graphics