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Communicating With Your Child

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When polled, most parents list their top concerns for child safety into the categories of bullying, struggling with depression, kidnapping, fighting, drugs and alcohol, or even getting shot.

The things we worry about as parents take hold in our darkest nightmares, the ones that wake you in the night, and you have to jump out of bed and peek in the kid's room, just to make sure they are safe.

And it's true. These things are a threat.

It seems that with every passing year, life is getting crazier, and the stakes continue to go up, putting ourselves and our kids in danger from things we never would have considered twenty years ago, like dying in a terrorist attack at a public venue, or a school shooting.

The media of course has done nothing to make us feel better, they seem to only care about pushing products on us sensationalizing everything to up their ad revenues, and perhaps one day they will have our kids convinced that the best way to protect our future grandchildren is to have them tagged with GPS implants.

But probably the best thing that we can do as parents to ensure our kids safety doesn't cost a dime. It's 100% free.

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