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Developing Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions and those of others with the goal of understanding and managing these emotions. It is your ability to use emotional information to influence your behaviors as well as the behaviors of others.

Throughout this book, you will learn how to measure your own emotional intelligence, as well as several ways to determine the emotional intelligence of those around you. Further, you’ll be provided with a range of strategies to improve upon your emotional intelligence. 

Emotional intelligence plays a huge role in our relationships. Not only those relationships that are romantic in nature, but also in the relationships we have with our colleagues, children, parents, friends, and others. A lack of emotional intelligence can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings, arguments, distrust, and even resentment. 

Fortunately, emotional intelligence doesn’t have to remain at a constant level. It can be improved upon continuously through many of the strategies provided in this book, allowing you to enhance your interpersonal experiences in all areas of life!

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