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Loving Your Imperfect Body

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"The term “body image” refers to how we feel about our bodies, how we physically inhabit our bodies, and how we see ourselves..."

Bodies smell. They leak. They wrinkle, get blemishes, creak, and ache. They have hair sprouting from weird places, even when hair won’t grow where it’s wanted. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, and with all kinds of flaws and differences in ability. And of course, as the children’s book says, everybody poops.

In short, all bodies are flawed and imperfect. At the same time, our bodies house our thoughts, dreams and emotions, and allow us to see, hear, feel, and experience the world. While there may be a world beyond our physical self, right now, as a living, breathing human, your body is the only home you’ve got. It’s important to love your home, even if it’s got a few flaws (which they all do).

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